Fostering Adolescents’ Knowledge and Empowerment in Outsmarting Fake Facts

Erasmus+ Project FAKE OFF

Erasmus+ Project FAKE OFF


The project “FAKE OFF “aims at fostering young people’s Internet literacy, creating awareness of intentional misinformation,  enabling young people to identify “fake news” and to avoid them

Goals and Impact of FAKE OFF

• increase the participation of young people in the critical debate of news and Internet content

• develop young people’s capacity to evaluate published information and act accordingly

• allow a systematic approach to digital literacy for young people and professionals working with them

• more responsible use of online media by young people

• public discourse about the accuracy and quality of news

• awareness of media education in the context of fake news in youth organisations

• make young people less susceptible to intentional misinformation and propaganda

• empowerment of young people with the skills of critical thinking and media literacy

• better informed younger generation and stronger fundament for democracy

• a higher competence regarding digital forms of teaching by youth workers

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